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Parisette Lud Gluskin And His Versatile Juniors
Parisette on YouTube Howard E. Kennedy (bj); Maurice Cizeron (cl,flute,as) Gene Prendergast (cl,ts); Merrow Bodge (cl,ts);
Ludwig Gluskin (leader); Ted Goebel (d); Joe Wismer (p); Léo Vauchant-Arnaud (tb; Eddie Ritten (tp);
Julien Porret (tp) Arthur Pavoni (tuba); Fred Zierer (vl)

Ludwig Gluskin Dead; Music Director Was 90
Wednesday, October 18, 1989
Ludwig Gluskin, who was a drummer for the orchestra leader Paul Whiteman and also led his own jazz group before becoming music director for CBS Radio and for CBS-TV, died of kidney failure on Friday. He was 90 years old. Mr. Gluskin was born in New York City and played in his first band with a boyhood friend, the comedian Jimmy Durante. Later, Mr. Gluskin toured Europe with the Whiteman orchestra and then settled in France. In 1927, he became leader of the Playboys, a Detroit jazz band stranded in Paris. The Playboys made more than 700 recordings in Paris and Berlin. Mr. Gluskin returned to New York and was hired by CBS in 1935. He was named director of music for CBS Radio in 1937. He directed the music for the 1938 Orson Welles broadcast of ''War of the Worlds,'' about a Martian invasion. In 1948, he became music director for CBS-TV and presided over the network's shows for 10 years.

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