Books dedicated to Django's life   Courtesy of François Rousseau

Django Reinhardt by Charles Delaunay
First booklet ever written on Django Reinhardt. All its content ended up in the next Book "Django mon frère"
Original French release (60's)

Ce livre de Charles Delaunay, la bible en quelque sorte mérite d'être lu.
Charles Delaunay est lui-même une personnalité très importante pour la promotion et la diffusion
du Jazz en France. Il a été le gérant (façon de parler) de Django pour un certain temps.
Une brouille est venu mettre un terme à cette relation.
Le style du livre est plutôt anecdotique.
On y retrouve la première discographie officielle de Django et de superbes photos.

English version (soft cover, deluxe version¸or pocket edition), in English Ashley Mark Publishing Company 1981, copyright 1961
Translated from French by Michael James

This of course is the very first Django book by Charles Delaunay, his pseudo-friend and promoter - manager (if one could have been). This is like a journal - souvenirs of the days

Table of content
1 The Man
2 The musician
3 Once upon a time
4 The turbulent early years
5 November 2, 1928
6 Back to Paris
7 The founding of the String Quartet
8 Stéphane Grapelli
9 The early days of the Quintet
10The War
11The last of the War
12Reunion and America at last
13Home again

Notes : This is from the man who knew Django quite well (except for Django's wife Naguine...). There is tons of anecdotes.

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