Books dedicated to Django's life, work and time   Courtesy mainly of François Rousseau

The Genius that was Django
Compilation copyright Ted Cherret
Photocopied and published in the UK, by
Ted Cherret
73 Woodham, Addlestone
Surrey KT15 3TJ
July 1997
ISBN : 0 9531037 0 6

This is very very interesting if you are a Djangologist.
Such a work of collecting articles covering Django deserves a thumb up.
I'm still not done reading it, so much stuff.
Unique comments here and there, lot's of the same stuff though
but that is normal considering the scope of magazines.

This unique and fascinating collection is a result of one mans dedication and foresight in recognizing Django’s eternal genius from the moment he heard the first recordings made by the Quintet in the mid-30’s. For Reinhardt fans old and new, always hungry for any snippets of information that might help gain insight into the life of the greatest guitarist who ever lived, it represents a gold mine.

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