Books dedicated to Django's life, work and time   Courtesy mainly of François Rousseau

Django Reinhardt Editions Nocturnes, France
BD-Jazz.jpg - 76179 BytesScenario by Christian Bonnet, drawings by Aurel. (C) 2003, with 2 CDs

This is part of a small collection of cartoon books released in 2003 on major jazz artists:
(Reinhardt, Bechet, Armstrong, Ellington, Parke, Gillespie, Young, Getz, Peterson, Powell, Monk, Christian, Krupa, Holliday, Miller)

Django Reinhardt was an authentic guitar genius: completely self taught, he forged a style with breathtaking technique despite being deprived of the use of two fingers of his left hand after an accident...
The result was a sort of fusion between jazz and gypsy music: it’s incredible drive, richness of inspiration and virtuoso performance continue to give nightmares to guitarists even now, some fifty years later.
The guitarist/composer is featured on CD1, and CD2 is devoted to his various other contributions to records.

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