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Nuages Concert de Bruxelles
Hubert Rostaing (cl); Django Reinhardt (g solo); Henri “Louson” Baumgartner (g); Louis Vola (b); Arthur Motta (dm)

This concert from 1948 is one of the few 'live' recordings of Django playing in front of an audience.
The format is familiar - intro played by clarinet and guitar followed by melody on clarinet. Django's solo begins with the harmonics
followed by the chromatic runs now familiar. Less bopish than the previous version, but our hero seems, briefly,
to lose his concentration near the end. - Dave Gould

1948 December or November - Théâtre des Galeries, Brussels
Nuages Festival de Jazz de Nice
Stéphane Grappelli (v); Django Reinhardt (g so1o); Joseph Reinhardt, Challin Ferret (g); Emmanuel Soudieux (b)
1948 February 28 - Radiodiffusion-Television Française, Paris
Nuages (No 1) Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli
Nuages (No 2) Django Reinhardt (g); Stéphane Grappelli (v); Gianni Safred (p); Marco Pecori (b); Aurelio de Carolis (dm)

In 1949 Django and Stephane played at the 'Rupe Tarpea' nightclub in Rome with an Italian rhythm section consisting of piano, bass and drums. While there, a large amount of material was recorded for an unknown lover of their music. Django apparently recorded two versions of NUAGES at this time although only one version has ever been released.
The results of these sessions (along with the 1950 Rome recordings) remained in a vault in Rome for many years; a total of around 100 tracks were released. The first NUAGES recorded in the 1949 sessions produced one of Django's masterpiece recordings. Stephane does no more than play the melody on the first and final choruses (no introduction) but in between Django displays his magical improvisational skills on acoustic guitar - he never played the amplified instrument in Stephane's company (on record).
It could be argued that this was one of the maestro's finest performances to date on any recording - not just on NUAGES. The second recording of NUAGES from this session remains unissued.- David Gould.

1949 January-February - RAI Studios, Rome
Nuages Django Reinhardt et son Quintette
André Ekyan (cl, bcl,as); Francois Vermeille (p); Django Reinhardt (el-g); Jean Bouchety (b); Gaston Léonard (dm)

Once again a series of recordings, this time for Radio Geneve, remained forgotten for 30 years and contained a version of NUAGES. With Ekyan on clarinet and Django on electric guitar the contrast between this and the previous recording could not be greater. Django seemed very comfortable with the electric instrument at this time and displayed none of the distortion evident on later recordings.
The pattern is the same and Django both starts and finishes his solo in harmonics. The feeling of the whole recording is one of subtlety and the impression given is that the musicians could have been playing after hours in a deserted club to wind down after a hard set. - David Gould

1949 October 25 - Geneve (RSR Studios
Nuages Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France
André Ekyan (as, bcl, cl); Raph Schécroun (p); Django Reinhardt (el-g); Alphonse "Alf" Masselier (b); Roger Paraboschi (dm)

Almost a duplicate of the previous version but perhaps a little less subtle. Harmonics to start the solo but not to close it out. The sound of the electric guitar is a little more metalic but not unacceptably so.
If you are one of those who believe that Django's best work was done on acoustic, please give the recordings from this period a listen.
You owe it to yourself!. - Dave Gould

1950 April-Mai - RAI Studios, Rome

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