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Nuages Django Reinhardt et l'Orchstre d'Hubert Paul au Club Saint-Germain
Bernard Hullin (tp); Hubert Fol (as,ldr); Raymond Fol (p); Django Reinhardt (g solo); Pierre Michelot (b); Pierre Lemarchand (dm)

The addition of sax and trumpet help to fill out the melody on this version from 1951. One of the few live recordings, this time from the Club Saint Germaine-des Pres in Paris. On electric guitar once again, Django dominates the proceedings after the initial statement of his theme. Harmonics for a full sixteen bars and then a beautiful unforced solo which doesn't stray too far from the original melody. An interesting feature is his use of octaves in the closing chorus - Dave Gould

1951 February 20-28. - Club Saint-Germain, rue Saint-Benoit, Paris
Nuages Film Soundtrack - Django Reinhardt (g solo)

Almost six and a half minutes of solo guitar improvising on a theme of NUAGES. Incredible virtuosity! I remember hearing Joe Pass, to whom a lot of people credit the invention of solo Jazz Guitar, say that early on in his solo career he looked at his watch and realised that six minutes had gone and he had already played three tunes! Two solos were recorded (for an unreleased film?) the second being an equally incredible Belleville - Solo! Django's improvisations are all works of art and this one on the theme of NUAGES is no exception. to try to describe it is impossible - it has to be heard to be believed - David Gould

1951 October 02 - Paris
Nuages Django Reinhardt et ses Rythmes
Django Reinhardt (g solo); Maurice Vander (p); Pierre Michelot (b); Jean-Louis Viale (dm)

So we have come to the final recording of NUAGES in March of 1953. It's Django all the way. No other instruments to play the first chorus, we are treated to Django's interpretation of the theme as well as what is, without doubt, his finest ever performance of NUAGES. His undoubted virtuosity and mastery of the instrument, whether it be acoustic or electric as in this case, shines like a beacon. This recording says it all for me. Truly a master of the guitar, the legend that is Django and his most famous composition, NUAGES, will live on for a long time to come. - David Gould

1953 March 10 - Blue Star, Paris

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